János Darvas - Photo by Bodo Kessler

János Darvas (Steinberger)

Curriculum Vitae

1948  born (as Juan Steinberger) to Hungarian parents in Santiago de Chile
1948  parents return to Hungary after emigration

1948-1969  Budapest

1966  graduation (Abitur)
1965-1969  studies music at the Béla Bartók Conservatoire

1969  immigrates to Germany
1970-1973  studies percussion with Christoph Caskel in Cologne
1970-1974  collaborates with Karlheinz Stockhausen
1972  attends the "Darmstadt Summer School for New Music" in Darmstadt
1973-1979  teaches percussion at the Music Conservatory of Cologne
1977  première "Hörfilm" at the "World Music Days" in Bonn

Since 1980  freelance  TV director
*   Filmography: Documentaries

Filmography: Concert-Programs and Studio-Recordings
*   Opera Productions
*   Serials, Live-TV-Broadcastings etc.

Working in Germany,
France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Austria, Poland,
Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA

Internet work:
*   1997-1998  Editor-in-Chief - Klassik Online
*   1999 - Web Development & Consulting

IGNM - Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik

(International Society for Contemporary Music)
IMZ - Internationales Musikzentrum Wien

(International Music Centre, Vienna)

János Darvas-Steinberger lives in Cologne with his wife Kata Steinberger (née Herskó). They have two sons, David and Robert.

H  o  m  e   P  a  g  e